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About me

Hello lovely people. My name is Nasim Mahin (she/her) and I’m a registered psychotherapist. I identify as a POC immigrant settler who tries to practice therapy from a feminist, intersectional, and anti-oppressive lens. 

 I’ve been in the therapeutic space as a therapist since 2013, and have worked in other supportive capacities with children, youth and adults since 2009. I’m also currently a 2nd year medical student (outside of Canada). I’m particularly interested in acknowledging and seeing people as whole and layered beings, and I want to unpack how this holistic lens plays out in the intersection between medicine and psychotherapy.

I want to appreciate and honour all identities, and want this blog to be another safe and inclusive space for folks to tap into a moment or two of connection. If you’re interested in discovering and exploring this space with me, then welcome, and please come along for the ride. 

This blog will cover many different topics that pertain to therapy, medicine (as I discover it for myself), and the many complex layers of life that make us who we are, and make life what it is.  From time to time I will also connect with folks who work in therapeutic spaces, in many different capacities, and we will take the opportunity to learn, challenge our biases, and expand our minds and our hearts. Welcome to staying in the gray. 

I want to gently acknowledge that, in my opinion, insight can be obtained through many different channels and avenues. However, this blog is not meant to replace any of your existing, or future, relationships with therapeutic professionals. A supportive therapeutic bond with a caring, non-judgmental, and open professional, in any capacity, can be a huge source of support in someone’s life. These pieces of writing are designed to create connection and discourse. If any of what I share resonates with you, I hope that it will support you in ways that feel good for you, and if it doesn’t, then I gently invite you to take what fits and to leave the rest. Either way, I am honoured to be sharing this space with you, and am humbled that you are taking the time to read these thoughts and musings. 

I welcome connection in the form of comments, and look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to reach out. If you would like to share your comments with me, I invite you to do so below (in the comments section). Please note, I cannot offer specific and tailored therapeutic support or guidance outside the confines of a therapeutic relationship. I can, however, offer some resources for you to connect with, and some names of professionals, who might be able to hold space for you in ways that honour your specific needs. 

In order to create a community of softness and unconditional kindness, I encourage you to please refrain from posting any comments that devalue, erase, or deny any person or group’s identity. Any comments that can potentially cause harm to another person will be removed from this site. (Ex. Disparaging comments about race, ethnicity, gender identities, sexuality, religion, socio-economic status etc…)

I want to hold myself accountable to myself and to my community. I will do my very best to ensure that I am not spreading misinformation, or passing off personal opinion as fact. If something I say here hurts your heart, or comes from a place of unknowing, I welcome your comments. I do not expect emotional/educational labour from anyone, so please know, if you bring something to my attention, I will do the work to educate myself and reframe and shift any perspectives that don’t align with my desire to be a source of continuous learning, softness and expansion. 

A note about the title: this is a reference to flexibility and expansion. It was borne from my own desire to allow my heart and mind to continue stretching and expanding to make space for all my own layers, and to honour the many intricacies and complexities of the human experience. It is not a reference to sitting on the fence about issues of rights and freedoms. Every human deserves access to all they need, and deserves to be honoured for their identity as they define it for themselves. We all deserve to live with security, love, joy, compassion, and spaciousness. 

With warmth and gratitude for your presence,