Stay In The Gray

Late Arrivals

If you arrive late, in order to ensure that we respect our time together, we will still adhere to our usually scheduled time frame. You are free to retain the time remaining of your originally scheduled appointment. Please note the full fee will be charged.

If I am late for an appointment, the schedule can be adjusted to accommodate the full hour, if time permits. Alternatively, the fee can be adjusted to reflect the duration of the session. If I am not able to accommodate the full hour time frame, if you are also in agreement, the time can be made up at a later appointment.

Third Party Clients

No missed session will be charged to a third party. In the case where no cancellation is given, the client will be responsible for paying the the full hour session rate. For cancellations less than 48 hours, a late cancellation fee will apply.

By signing below, I clearly acknowledge and understand the policy above, and agree to its terms and conditions.

****Please note that insurance companies will not cover missed appointments or late cancellation fees ****